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The history of the earth is thought to be about 4.6 billion years, but it is said that it has been 4 billion years since organisms first appeared on earth, and only about 500 million years since they began to live on land. In other words, the history of life on land is very short.
It is plants that support the lives of all living organisms. Knowing the history of plants leads to knowing the history of all living things, including humans.
For example, the Japanese archipelago, including the time of the dinosaurs, was located on the seafloor at the eastern edge of the Asian continent and its periphery, finally emerging 20 million years ago. The flora of Japan is basically similar to that of the temperate monsoon regions of the continent, but it is also related to areas outside of Southeast Asia, such as the introduction of plant elements from North America across the Bering Strait. These different plant origins have evolved independently, adapting to the diverse topography and environments of the archipelago, including mountains and plains and complex coastlines, while migrating between glacial and interglacial periods. As a result, a flora unique to Japan was formed, including relict species such as those that survived the Ice Age and new species created in each region, and a diverse and unique biota, including animals and other organisms, was established.

Plants have existed since before we humans were born, and we tend to forget that we are "kept alive" by the blessings of nature. We must also realize that the existence of various organisms in the natural world guarantees the stability of human life. Most of the food, medicine, clothing, building materials, livestock feed, and other necessities of life depend on plants.

I have respect for plants and want to make the most of them - to leave them beautiful even after they die. With this in mind, I have formed my own unique love of plants and have established a diverse range of expressions in painting, sculpture, and photography as I face the creation of my artwork.


2023 JOYA@Vélez Blanco,spain
2023 amazonica@Iquitos,Peru
2023 kamishihoro air @hokkaido,japan
2023 Tom29 gallery solo exhibition @ Tokyo,Japan
2022 Red Dot miami @ art basal week Miami,USA
2022 arteles@Tampere,Finland
 Tom29 gallery solo exhibition @ Tokyo,Japan
2021 Tom29 gallery solo exhibition @ Tokyo,Japan
2021 Red Dot miami @ art basal week Miami,USA
2021 ART INNSBRUCK @ Innsbruck,Austria
2021 Live Kobe@ANA KOBE,Hyogo,Japan
2021 nika @The National Art Center, Tokyo,Japan
2021 Salon des indépendants@21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa,Japan
2020 Tom29 gallery solo exhibition @ Tokyo,Japan
2020 Dimension @ Tokyo,Japan
2020 Contemporary Art Salon @ Taipei、Taiwan
2018 independent tokyo @ Tokyo,Japan
2017 Oku Noto International Art Festival @ Ishikawa ,Japan
2016 ART AWARD @ Tokyo,Japan
2015 Kagurazaka ART FESTA @ Tokyo,Japan
2015 ART AWARD @ Tokyo,Japan
2010 hazuki gallery @ Hyogo ,Japan
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A BATHING APE,Kirin Engineering,  Shizuoka Electric Railway, Dentsu, ToyotaMotor,  nepenthes, TBS,THE NORTH FACE, Bandai Namco Sevens ...etc

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